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When it comes to keeping your home warm, the professionals at Honeycutt Air have you covered.  We understand that every home’s heating needs are different, so we specialize in Trane’s reliable and efficient gas furnaces. Whether you need variable-speed, single-stage, or two-stage heating, the Honeycutt Air team can provide you with a complete and professional installation to keep your home comfortable on a cold day.

Featured Products

XC18 Variable-Speed Furnace with ComfortLink II Communicating Technology

The system’s Communicating Technology constantly monitors your systems’s status and optimizes performance.  The variable-speed motor in this system is ideal for reducing operating noise while evenly distributing heat throughout your home.

Trane XV80 Variable-Speed with Comfort-R

The system’s Comfort-R technology regulates the humidity levels throughout your home.  The variable-speed motor ensures your system will run quietly while distributing even, gentle heat within your home.

Trane XL80 Two-Stage Furnace

The two-stage heating system is an ideal match for those looking for increased efficiency.  This system optimizes fuel use while keeping you comfortable and your energy costs low.

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