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Co-founders / Co-owners

Steve and Wendy Honeycutt


General Manager

Mike Kasprowicz

Mike has been a part of Honeycutt Air for over 24 years.  Mike has worked in all avenues of the HVAC business and is a very valuable asset, as well as a much loved and appreciated member of the Honeycutt family and staff.

Steve and Wendy are very proud to lead a great team of employees.



Katelyn Howard

Customer Service

Katelyn has been with Honeycutt Air for over 4 years.  Her growth and experience in customer service has been exponential, while her heart for our customers is unsurpassed.  Her kind and willing heart to help is loved and appreciated by us as well as our customers.


Dempsey Honeycutt

Office/Shop Security

Dempsey is our Office/Shop Security training.  We lost our beloved Buster last year and while he is still a pup, Dempsey is fast learning the ropes as Buster's predecessor.


Our service technicians are carefully chosen and vetted by our management team for their excellence in knowledge, ability, and integrity.  We want you to be happy, secure, and completely at ease when Honeycutt Air is in your home.  We partner with our vendors to provide our technicians with the latest in tools, training and continuing education enabling us to provide our customers with the best possible HVAC experience.


Spencer Honeycutt

Service Manager/Sales

Spencer was raised in the HVAC industry and as our Service Manager and valued Salesman, he has learned and experienced more than we can possibly weigh.  Spencer excels at his job while he is very gifted at helping customers understand their HVAC needs.


Clint Mikeska

Advanced Service Technician

Clint has more than 15 years employment with Honeycutt Air, and even longer in the HVAC industry.  Clint was named Employee of the Year in 2018 by his fellow employees.  He is a loved and valued member of the Honeycutt Air team.


Matt McGrew

Service Technician

Matt is successfully well into his second year as an HVAC technician and has taken to the trade very well.  
Matt is thorough and enjoys being able to take care of customers and meet new people.  We are proud to have Matt as part of our team.


Collyn Tieman

Collyn is the newest member of our service team, but you wouldn't know that by his eagerness to learn and grow.  We are happy to have Collyn and enjoy watching him excel in the HVAC industry as well as having him a part of our team.

Service Technician


Carson Baker

Service Tech Apprentice

Carson hired on to Honeycutt Air in 2022 with a desire to learn the HVAC service industry.  He is currently working and learning in all different avenues of our service dept.  We look forward to seeing Carson advance in the future while having him a part of our team.


At Honeycutt Air, we are very proud of our install teams.  They are wonderful guys with a huge heart for the work they do.  Our boys don’t settle for less than the best, and their work proves it.  We are glad to have installers who care about their workmanship.


Joel Andrade

Advanced Installer

Joel has been doing installation work with Honeycutt Air for about 7 years.  He is hardworking and very meticulous about his work.  At Honeycutt Air we all appreciate Joel and his joyful heart!


Victor Andrade

Advanced Installer

Victor is a valued member of our team at Honeycutt Air for just over 3 years.  He is a hard worker with diligence and work ethic we are blessed to have.

Crysto Pic.jpg

Crysto Andrade
Advanced Installer


Crysto is a team player at Honeycutt Air and always willing to learn new things.  Crysto's ambition and desire for growth can be very inspiring


Joel Andrade, Jr.

Installer Apprentice

Joey joins Honeycutt Air and his own Dad this summer as an Installer Apprentice and is working hard to learn all he can about the trade.  We are blessed to have Joey and look forward to seeing how he grows with his skills.


Esteban Parada

Material Handler/Quality Control

Esteban is new to the Honeycutt Air team in 2022.  He is a fast and eager learner as well as a great team player.  We are all blessed to have Esteban working with us and have been inspired by his growth.


Eddie Alvarado

Advanced Installer

Eddie has been with Honeycutt Air for just over 5 years, and came to us with a couple years experience in the industry.  Eddie is one of the most meticulous and caring installers and is a true blessing to our Honeycutt Air team.


Benito Juarez

Advanced Installer.

Benito has grown and learned so much in his 4 years as an installer with Honeycutt Air.  He is a team player, valued by us all and we are blessed to have him with us.


Juan Ruiz

Advanced Installer

Juan is one of our newest hires at Honeycutt Air and brings with him valuable experience in the HVAC industry.  We are looking forward to the future and having Juan on our team.

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