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Homeowners looking to maximize the amount of space in their homes often enjoy the benefits an all-in-one/packaged system provides.  These compact systems take up less space than other systems, making it a perfect option for homes with limited space. 

All-in-one/packaged systems are usually installed on a home’s ground floor or roof, and different systems can meet a variety of different comfort needs.

All in one/Packaged systems

XL16C Heat-Pump

This high-efficiency heat pump offers up to 16 SEER/8.50 HSPF and is available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-ton units.  Equipped with features like a variable-speed Vortica™ blower motor, an all-aluminum Spine Fin™ coil, and more, this durable sleek system delivers ideal comfort, year after year.

XL16c Gas/Electric system

A great option for efficiency, the XL16c Gas/Electric System provides up to 16 SEER/81% AFUE.  This system also offers the ability to operate in single and 3-phase and includes features like a two-stage Climatuff® compressor and two-stage gas heating.

XL15c Air Conditioner

Delivering exceptional cooling, this system has 15 SEER efficiency rating.  Durable components, like a Spine Fin™ condenser and Climatuff® compressor, are assembled into one sleek cabinet while offering exceptional performance.

XL15c Heat Pump

This packaged heat pump system offers quiet operation at 15 SEER/8.20 HSPF.  The design features, including a Weather Beater™ top and a variable-speed composite Vortica™ blower motor, offer consistent performance to keep you comfortable year after year.

XR14c Air Conditioner

Offering exceptional cooling, the XR14c Air Conditioner is rated at 14 SEER efficiency.  This system features a Spine Fin™ condenser, along with a Weather Beater™ top and composite Vortica™ blower motor.  The 2-4 ton unit also includes a microchannel evaporator coil.

XR14c Heat Pump

This single-phase unit quietly operates at 14 SEER/8 HSPF.  The single-stage Climatuff® compressor, all-aluminum Spine Fin™ condenser, and demand defrost feature all help to deliver exceptional comfort to your home.

XR14c Gas/Electric System

This system combines a high-efficiency air conditioner with gas heat and offers up to 14 SEER and 81% AFUE.  The XR14c Gas/Electric System features components like a composite Vortica™ blower motor, an all-stainless-steel heating system, and a Climatuff® compressor.  This model only operates in single phase, the 2-4 ton units include a micro-channel evaporator coil.

XR14h Heat Pump

This quiet heat pump system works at 14 SEER/8 HSPF.  The over/under supply enables the single cabinet to suit your installation requirements, whether on the roof or at ground level.  The single-phase XR14h Heat Pump features a DuraTuff™ outdoor plate fin coil along with a direct-drive two-speed blower motor.

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